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The Business Exchange of Florida.com (TBXflorida.com)

The Business Exchange of Florida.com (a/k/a The Business Exchange of America Inc.) became a very successful Business/Real Estate Brokerage firm specializing in small to multi-million dollar Businesses and Commercial Real Estate Investments. This experience taught the founder while functioning as a broker agent for sellers and buyers that most owners want to sell their businesses and real estate as quickly as possible for the best price. In order to facilitate this they may choose to sell personally which became inefficient and difficult or through a qualified Business, Real Estate Broker whose professional expertise is needed . He also discovered that the majority of buyers come from other parts of the country focusing on one State, one County and in one Category.

As a result The Business Exchange of Florida.com became a .com internet provider for Florida Business Brokers. A format has been developed whereby the lives of Florida business and Florida real estate owners will be changed for the better by providing a direct, easy and innovative alternative to the present way Businesses and Real Estate is bought and sold. Florida Real Estate Brokers with their Real Estate Agents now will be able to offer all their clients listings in each county and category in The Business Exchange of Florida.com (www.TBXflorida.com) making it easy for 1000's of interested buyers and sellers from around the world.

As a seller you will have the option to receive all inquiries directly by phone, fax, or e-mail. If you wish confidentiality The Business Exchange of Florida.com in association with Florida Business Brokers will screen all inquiries on your behalf and then forward them to you. In this way your confidentiality can be maintained.

Our obligation to you is the full service of our marketing team, continuously promoting and attracting buyers from all over the world by means of the internet and through advertising in Search Engines, Newspapers, Business Magazines, and e-mail.

                Commercial Real Estate and Business Financing

Whether you need funds for new construction renovation, receivable factoring, mergers and acquisitions, purchase and expansion, refinance, debt consolidation, working capital, equipment and inventory, or bridge financing, Our Commercial Capital Division will tailor a solution that fits your business Needs.  For More Informamtion Contact:  info@TBXflorida.com

It is the American Way to control your own destiny.

The Business Exchange of Florida.com with Florida Business Brokers will reach that Goal.


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